7 Tips For A Smooth Move When Buying, Building Or Selling A Home

You’ve sold your home, have purchased another home or finished the build of a custom home. The papers are signed, the checks have cleared and it’s time to plan the next step; the move. With the strong performance of today’s real estate market, many people find themselves in just such a situation. The thought alone of a move can be stressful, let alone the packing, heavy lifting and convincing your friends they want to help you. Here are seven tips to help ease the burden of your moving experience.

  1. Pack any essentials in an overnight bag. Once you arrive at your new residence, you’ll want easy access to a change of clothes and toiletries like your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and soap. Don’t forget a towel if you plan on taking a shower once you unpack.
  2. Before breaking down any furniture, electronic wires and/or connections, use your phone to take pictures of how they’re put together and connected. You’ll be glad you have something to reference when putting everything back together in your new home.
  3. Have small plastic bags on hand to store small hardware parts like screws for TV mounting kits. These bags are easy to label with a marker and will keep hardware separated to make reassembly easier.
  4. Use hampers, baskets and suitcases to cut down on the number of boxes you’ll need. These items are already going to be included in your move, be more efficient by taking advantage of the packing space they offer. Many of them have handles and are easy to carry when containing your belongings.
  5. Color code your boxes using duct tape. Many colors of duct tape are now available and relatively inexpensive. Each room of your home can utilize a different color of tape and can be labeled as such, along with it’s contents using a magic marker.
  6. Buy a roll of stretch wrap. This can be handy for wrapping furniture to keep drawers and shelves from moving and grouping boxes together. Be sure it comes with a handle for easier wrapping.
  7. Finally, reward your friends for their help. As much as your friends like you, they’d probably rather be doing something else. Be sure you offer them first claim on any furniture or belongings you plan on giving away. Midwest hospitality helps too, have some food and drinks on hand for their efforts.

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