Flood Safety & Preparedness

With an unprecedented amount of rain in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin this summer, flooding has unexpectedly become top-of-mind for many residents. Many areas that are typically unaffected by flooding have found themselves dealing with water in their basement, driveway washouts and flash floods.

The National Weather Service reports that a late September rainfall forced the closure of 60 roads in Clark County, Wisconsin alone. In an effort to stay safe and protect your home, the team at C&E Wurzer Builders has put together a list of five must-knows in the unfortunate event of flooding.

  1. When a flash flood or flash flood warning is issued, go to higher ground and have an evacuation plan. If you are evacuated, return home only when the area has been declared safe.
  2. Be sure you have at least three days of food and water on hand, along with a seven day supply of your medications. If flooding occurs, be sure your food and water are not tainted and safe for consumption.
  3. Watch for and avoid downed power lines if you make your way outside.
  4. Be aware of floodwater, even shallow water as it can be deceptive. Even less than two feet of flowing water can sweep a car away.
  5. Use caution when inspecting any damage inside the home. Don’t assume that the structure is stable, especially floors, stairs and roofs.

We hope that you’re family, pets and homes will always remain safe from flooding. Taking a few minutes to plan and be prepared may one day keep you out of harms way.

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