When you decide to build and invest in a brand new home, you want that home to be unique to you and your family. C&E Wurzer Builders understands the importance of this, which is why we’re great at what we do. We know that, in order to make it your home, it’s all in the details. Building and designing homes has been a Wurzer family tradition for over 50 years. This experience and commitment to quality, custom homes is seen in every single home we’ve designed and built. When you choose C&E Wurzer Builders, you’re working with a home builder that has a reputation for designing the perfect home to match your lifestyle.

We know that, when we’re building homes, we’re building a place for families to make memories together. It’s what we’ve been doing for years in Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley and Minnesota’s St. Croix Valley. If you’re ready to start building a custom home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and beyond, C&E Wurzer Builders is ready to help you.