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The C&E Wurzer Builders Difference

If you can dream it, we can build it

Building and designing homes has been a Wurzer family tradition for over 50 years. This experience and commitment to quality, custom homes is seen in every single home we’ve designed and built. When you choose C&E Wurzer Builders, you’re working with a homebuilder that has a reputation for always designing the perfect home to match your lifestyle. Whether you’ve always wanted hardwood floors in your kitchen, an open-concept layout that makes it easier to watch your children, or a kitchen perfect for hosting friends and family一 whatever you need or want in your home, C&E Wurzer Builders will design it!

Building custom homes in Hudson, Wisconsin and Stillwater, Minnesota

We’re well known for our custom homes and remodeling services in the Chippewa Valley. Now C&E Wurzer Builders wants to build your dream home in western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities East Metro area. We’re eager to design your dream home and build the perfect place for you and your family to create new memories. With C&E Wurzer Builders, we can design and build a new house, or renovate your current home to look the way you want.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the St. Croix Valley towns of Stillwater, MN or Hudson, WI, or you’re in Woodbury, MN or heading into Twin Cities territory. Wherever you think your perfect home should be, we’ll build it there. We can build your home in the following cities:

We are a certified member of the St. Croix Valley Home Builders Association.

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Our Process

Making Your Dreams a Reality

1. Initial Meeting

At C&E Wurzer Builders, we like to meet with clients at our model home to discuss our home building experience. At this meeting, you will be able to ask any questions you have about building a new home or renovation. This meeting will help you identify different options for product selections and building applications which will help to determine square foot price.

2. Design Schedule

We will take the information that we have discussed from our initial meeting and give recommendations as to what the size of your home should be. The next step is to determine the style of home you’re looking for. The best way to communicate the style is with photographs. Maybe you have seen a Parade Home or Model that has stuck in your mind. Maybe you have a Pinterest board that you’ve curated to reflect the home of your dreams. Wherever you’ve saved images of your ideal house, bring those with you. We find that real life examples and photos are the best starting points. If you know what you want your exterior to emulate, bring a picture of it. We would give the same advice for any room or feature in your future home. There is no such thing as too much information! Our Architectural Designer will incorporate the information that is shared into the initial concepts.

We review initial concepts approximately two weeks after our first design meeting. This meeting is exciting because it’s the first time that you get to see your ideas and thoughts come to life. On average we see between four to five revisions to the initial concepts before the plans are ready for the bid stage. We continue to work off a square foot price for budgeting purposes. We strive to have all details included in the prints for the subcontractor bidding.

3. Bid & Budget

At C&E Wurzer Builders, we have built our reputation by our detailed specifications and budget. With our extensive knowledge of construction costs, we will have a good idea early on if changes need to be made to the floor plans before any significant expenses take place. C&E Wurzer Builders puts a lot of time and emphasis on the front end of the process to ensure your budget and design land in the price range of your choosing.

4. Proposal Presentation

At this point in the process you will know what to expect for a price on the total package for your new home. This meeting is to discuss in detail and writing what is included. When we meet your expectations and agree upon the terms of the proposal we move forward into the construction stage of the building process.

Custom Home Designs in Wisconsin & Minnesota

When you make the choice to build and invest in a brand new home, you want that home to be unique to you and your family. C&E Wurzer Builders understands the importance of this, which is why we’re great at what we do. We know that, in order to make it your home, it’s all in the details. These features can be anything you want them to be一 whether it’s the color paint you choose, or the flooring you decide to place in your kitchen. It’s details like deciding between an open-concept or traditional layout, or asking for Cambria quartz countertops to be the finishing touch in your exquisite new kitchen. It’s creating a bathroom that allows multiple kids to get ready for school so they don’t miss the bus.

We know that, when we’re building homes, we’re building a place for families to build their lives and make memories together. It’s what we’ve been doing for years in Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley, and now we’re helping families build their memories and dreams in Hudson, Wisconsin, Stillwater, Minnesota, and Woodbury, Minnesota.

If you’re ready for your completely custom home, contact C&E Wurzer Builders today!

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The Perfect Spot for Your Perfect Home

Call C&E Wurzer Builders to inquire about available residential lots.

Imagine that you’ve been house hunting for a long time. Months go by, and yet you still can’t find a house to call home. C&E Wurzer Builders doesn’t want you to settle for a house you’re not crazy about. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for, why not build the perfect home you’ve already built in your head? C&E Wurzer Builders has amazing properties available in Hudson, Wisconsin and Stillwater, Minnesota that you can choose from. All you have to do is pick one, and we’ll break ground!

A Click Away from Viewing Your Dream Home

C&E Wurzer Builders has two pre-priced floor plans you can choose from. Both The Grayson and The Bentley offer excellent options for those who are ready to get started building their home today. Rest assured, if you pick these pre-priced floor plans, you’ll still be able to customize other aspects of your home. Take a look at The Grayson and The Bentley below to see the kind of craftsmanship that C&E Wurzer Builders is capable of!

The Grayson

“The Grayson” is our pride and joy in Stillwater, Minnesota. The details of this Model Home were expertly chosen, and they represent the high quality home designs C&E Wurzer Builders has a strong reputation for building. Click on the photo to read more details about the home!

The Bentley

“The Bentley,” is located in one of our Wisconsin home building markets. This home is a beauty, and we’re thrilled with how it turned out. If this design interests you, click on the photo to learn more about The Bentley!

Pre-Priced Homes

Browse through our pre-priced homes and floor plans.

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Our Custom Homes一 Seeing is Believing!

If you’ve scrolled this far, you’ll have read many different reasons as to why you want C&E Wurzer Builders to design your dream home. Still unsure if you’re ready to start building? We don’t blame you! Building a home is a huge investment一 too big of an investment to simply take someone’s word for it. That’s why we’ve included our photo gallery below. You’ll see a wide range of homes that we’ve built recently and over the years. When it comes to our reputation as solid, quality homebuilders, photos of our work speak for themselves.

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View our lookbook to see a wide variety of custom home designs.

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